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Best practices for use of online directories

There are a number of rules regarding the use of  Online Directorie, and the more you try to understand them, the more confusing they get. Recently, a lot of directories that offered free listing were derecognized by Google, while some that have a system of paid links were rewarded with a high page rank. The limit to which one can use unpaid platforms has to be judged rationally.

One reason why unpaid lists can be seen as unethical is that they do not have adequate filters in place and allow all sorts of links, whether they are natural or not. The quality on these sites is not up to the mark and search engines are not happy with the way in which these sites function. Hence, many of these sites are no more found on Google. If you are posting links leading to your website on a free platform, then you must be careful to check the other links that have been posted, and the performance of the site in the past.

On the other hand, paid links are deemed to be of better quality, trustworthy and relevant. There is a system of bidding followed by, which allows a search engine optimizer to bid for a position on the site. He can choose to stay within his budget and get the best deal possible. The paid sites usually have a proper system in place, by which they can filter the unscrupulous links and keep them out of the list. The sites allow only those back links that are relevant and lead to genuine sites. Thus, they are beneficial for visitors, as well as the sites. Compared to many unpaid sites, where the approval and posting is automated, the paid sites have manual postings and approvals, where the site editors judge the quality of the links.